Huangshan Futian Machinery Co., Ltd is a young and energetic company. The members gathered here from all corners of the country with their own dreams.

      FT wants those people who have both ability and integrity. We feel responsible for all the staff - rewarding their contributions, respecting their personality, pride and privacy, appreciating their ability and offering a safe, positive and fair working environment, according to their senses of loyalty and responsibility for the company, and their performance. Great performance gains great rewards.

      The employing mechanism "those who capable, in; incapable, out" is built in FT, thus fostering a teamwork spirit of unity, fighting, never say never, challenging ourselves and pursuing excellence.


Talent concept: Making great use of existing talents, stabilizing the key talents.

                               Importing much-needed talents, reserving future talents.


Talent strategy:Based on people-oriented strategy, offering a full development environment.

                                 Being a pioneer in the high-end and innovative manufacturing field.